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UAV Operations

When operating in-the-field MW Power are able to assist with real-world deployment often then deriving bespoke system enhancements, for instance, including charger banks and bespoke deployment & editing suite vehicles with on-board power and onward transmission capability.

UAV Operations

This has proven especially comforting to a new operator of the unit who requires the reassurance that MW are on-hand to advise and assist with any element of that mission, learning from the experience of other users to get the bet results from the systems.

MW are keen to attend Exercises with customers or potential users to gain a greater appreciation of the type of imagery and data that an Incident Commander, for instance, will ask the UAV team to capture.

We can also assist your team by manually flying the UAV to ‘Teach a route’ for future semi-autonomous deployment or entirely pre-programming specific missions via Waypoint Navigation with your team.


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