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GENSAVER Over-current Protection

In line with the latest technologies MW POWER are now able to offer a cost effective solution to prevent generator over current damage.

In the past we have experienced generator failures due to overload of the output capabilities of the unit.

Although the manufacturers primary protection may be in place it may not be comprehensive enough to handle an overload situation from a loaded distribution system.

MW POWER now offer an intelligent current sensing system which may be configured to suit individual requirements.

Gensaver over current protection

Our systems include :

Presentable current limits
Peak current deviation for inductive loads
Early warning alarms for overload
Remote indication and alarms
Manual or Automatic reset options
Time delay reset options to "allow generator cooling"
Engineer or Secure reset only options.
Essential services supply isolated from controlled circuits.
Bespoke & Custom configurations for individual situations.

MW POWER also offer Custom and bespoke Electrical control
systems for all on-board  generator and power systems.

Please call to discuss you individual requirements.


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