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Generator Supply

Clearly it possible to purchase a mobile generator or simple battery-inverter from an Internet supplier, but these are some advantages MW offer.


At MW we supply an entire system, first assessing your ‘actual’ power requirements, then deriving a number of alternatives for consideration. Generators are sourced, adapted, readied for installation, tested and bundled with an installation kit before despatch.

Dependant on specification, a typical system for larger installation will include: fuel tank, sender, hose, gauges, control panels, inverter charger and wiring diagram.

Not only by sourcing from MW Power do you gain ongoing access to one of the Countries’ most experienced on-board Power team, but all MW Power supplied systems are available with an extended warranty of up to 5 years - much more than any manufacturer or dealer will provide you.

Our range extends from 1kW 240v suitcase sets to 38kW 415v for bespoke applications. MW Power have access to every supplier including: Generac, Onan, Fischer Panda, Telair, Guardian, SDMO, Kubota, Honda, Briggs & Stratton.


Generator Installation

The MW Power team will come to you to install your on-board power system. Your vehicle-mounted generator installation or additional batteries and inverters will be fully integrated, commissioned, tested and certificated on-site.

Our engineers’ work will be efficient and tidy. We will be sympathetic to layout changes made during the installation and flexible to build-schedule revisions.
Generator installation

Of particular relevance to Vehicle Converters and Specialist Bodybuilders is our ability to operate on phased-build of major projects, then providing Design, 1st Fix, 2nd Fix and commissioning phases.

MW perform installation where 100% reliability, low noise and minimal vibration is required. Past Emergency Services solutions include: Mobile Operating Theatres, Critical Patient Transfer unit, Mobile Police Stations, Command & Control vehicles, CCTV, ANPR, Highways assessment and Mobile Dentistry.

We will even perform an installation for equipment not supplied by MW, ie if you have a framework agreement in place with an existing supplier.


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